Since 2016, Eripitan Osagie-Sule, the creator of Wear Faith Essence has made the effort to inspire and encourage individuals. Through fashion, faith, and empowerment she chooses to remove the filters of life, while embracing her quirks... one outfit at a time.

MY Mission

Eripitan of Wear Faith Essence strives to make readers feel loved, beautiful, and fulfilled through all aspects of life. Eripitan has a passion to help others become the best version of themselves, while keeping their budget low and enjoying life's essences. Whether she's sharing an outfit post from the weekend, talking about her love for Jesus or motivating someone through a sponsored campaign, she strives to provide the highest quality content.

When we choose to remove the filters that society places upon us, we can truly embrace our quirks.
— Eripitan Osagie-Sule of

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