My 10 Secrets of Keeping Sane During Busy Times

Calendar for month

Calendar for month

Do you struggle with remaining sane during school semesters or life in general? Read my post to learn what to do to prevent stress and keep your cool, during tough semesters and life itself! Life can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be unbearable. Enjoy these tips!

Some people are busy working on their pose instead of their purpose.
— Saji Ijiyemi
  1. Find weekly outfits!
    This saves so much time, you won't believe it. Find what you want to wear for the whole week and then hang it up in your closet. Don't forget to check the Weather App!

  2. Write daily, weekly and monthly goals!
    Sounds time-consuming, but it always keeps you on track.

  3. Designate time everyday to relax.
    Watch one episode from your favorite show- not the whole season. Read a book. Eat yummy food.

  4. Keep your apartment, dorm or room clean.
    Nobody wants to be stressed in a cluttered environment- light cleaning daily and major cleaning weekly.

  5. Meal prep every Sunday
    I started this roughly 2 years ago and it saves me so much time and money. I specifically know what I'm going to eat and when, so I never have to worry!

  6. Budget-Budget-Budget
    It's one thing to be stressed, but another thing to be broke and stressed. Always budget your money and control your spending. Don't be a Broke Betty.

  7. Get some rest!
    I'm guilty of this, but get the appropriate amount of sleep for your body (7-9 hours). If you're always tired, then your stress level will always be high.
    High stress level = Weight Gain

  8. Set your alarm and get up the first time.
    This is simple- if you snooze, you lose. You lose time, you lose your mind because you're overwhelmed and you lose structure.

  9. Exercise
    "Squeeze those cheeks, tighten those buns!" (Guess that movie quote!)
    Exercise has been proven to not only lower stress level, but keep you looking good! Carve out time to go for a walk or do some light strength-training. Whatever works for you!

  10. Pray
    You didn't think I would forget this one, did you? Spend time talking to God and confiding in Him. Yes, school is tough and adding work on top of that is grueling, but He is always there for you. Trust in Him when the days seem long and the semester seems never-ending. He is refuge, through and through.

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