Sugar Smart Box

This post is sponsored by Sugar Smart Box. Thank you for this collaboration. 

Anybody else still trying to get their summer body right? Or, at least hoping that next summer will be THE summer of your newfound bikini body? Still wondering how you accidentally watched a whole Netflix series and managed to finish an entire pint of ice cream? GUILTY. 

Although, I'm working out 4 times a week (that's my secret, for everyone asking) I've been really cautious with my sugar consumption. I'm not diabetic, but we all know that too much sugar is detrimental to our health. Which is why, I was SO excited to receive my Sugar Smart Box! Since I'm in the gym 4x a week, I need snacks that are small enough to fit in my purse and are capable of withstanding the Texas heat.
This box of goodies could not have come at a more PERFECT time! I encourage everyone around me to make daily choices that will not only prolong their life, but make life worth living. So, why not start here?


Each box provides you with: 
- 7 premium snacks each month
- Low sugar content (<5g per serving)
- Low carb content (<9g per serving)

This box was designed for diabetics in mind, but seeing how so many people are watching what they eat, this box is great for any low sugar or low carb lifestyle. 

Screenshot (75).png

Seen above are the various prices of the box, with the minimum being less than $40. If you honestly think about it, healthy snacks can easily cost you $5-6 each, at your local health market, but with this box, your saving gas and preventing yourself from eating a pint of ice cream.
(Or maybe that's just me?) 

Did I mention that when you subscribe, you will also gain access to a REAL Registered Dietician through a Facebook group?
That alone is WAY more than $40 a month. Give it a try!


These are the goodies that arrived in my box! A bonus card including all the nutritional facts was also included. So incredibly useful if you're tracking your macros or using an app, such as MyFitnessPal.  I tasted the "Eat Me, Gluten Free" birthday cake and it was suprisingly sweet and delicious. Sweet enough that my 5 year old niece snuck off with it and ate it ALL up!
At least I know that she didn't have a sugar rush, right after ;)

So, c'mon friends! Order a box, watch some Netflix, eat a BUNCH of yummy snacks, and feel good after!
Get your monthly subscription box HERE and for more questions, click HERE