Remove the Filter, Embrace Your Quirks


My friends call me the “weird, quirky, but loving one”. You know the one that isn’t afraid to dance in the club with nobody else on the floor or the one that makes weird facial expressions, but still manages to make others laugh. Yeah, that’s me. I've always been a bubbly individual with a knack for being silly and fun, but in the blogging world, sometimes I felt as if I needed to hide my personality, so it'd match my instagram feed.
(You know the one every blogger works so hard to make look perfect? *insert eye roll*)

Now I'm not saying that I have ever pretended to be someone else, but I definitely put a "filter" on all my posts. I was definitely holding back on my sense of humor, style, and my personal opinions. I got lost in what it meant to be a blogger and let the world decide for me, but that part of me is gone now.
Dead. Deceased. Life-less. Okay... you get the point, lol. 


You see that quote up there? It sounds so simple and cliché , right? Well, you're right. It is cliché , but how many of us actually do this? 
I mean, I was guilty of doing it and I'm sure that a lot more of you are too. You can't edit out your personality, you can only mask it. 
Stop masking it and begin to enjoy it. 

What's preventing you from showing the world who you truly are?
What's holding you back, right now?
What lights a spark in your eyes?
What makes you, you?

Remove the filter, embrace the quirks
— Eripitan Osagie-Sule

Answer these questions and begin to develop a plan for yourself. Whether that'd be a to-do list or writing a note for yourself. Make the change today. Take the time to learn who you are and fall in love with yourself. 
No more hiding. No more faking it. No more filters. 

Raw. Real. Results. 

And if after all of this you still don't believe me, read my list of 10 things that'll happen to you, once you begin to embrace your quirks. 

1. You'll stop living in fear. 

2. You'll discover more of what your purpose is. 

3. You'll begin to see what truly matters to you.

4. You'll take more risks and live life like an adventure. 

5.  You'll know how to love and be loved in return. 

6. Somebody else will begin to embrace those quirks with you. 

7. You'll be more comfortable in your skin. 

8. Your confidence will increase. 

9. Your self-esteem will increase and you'll feel better about yourself. 

10. Others will want to do the same. Lead by example, right? 

Did this post help you? Are you ready to make a change? Feel free to comment down below - I'd love to read your thoughts and updates!