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5 Quick Ways to Be More Confident and Take Charge of Your Life

Social Media has seriously misconstrued our interpretation of beauty. No more doubting our own abilities, no more negative talk, confidence from here on out. Read this quick post to learn how to be confident in 5 ways- it'll help you out.

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How to Reach and Keep Your New Year Resolutions

It's officially 2017 and this is the time to change the way you set your goals and resolutions. No more setting of goals and then not following through, this is the year to make change. Read this post to learn how to stick with your New Year goals and resolutions!

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4 Friends You Should Have Already Cut Off

The moment you realize that you don't like your current state of friendship with an individual, you truly should end it. Just in case you're having trouble with deciding what friendships to keep or let go, read this and apply it to your life before 2017.

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