The S*%# They Don't Tell You About Having A Blog

One year ago, I launched my blog and DANG has it been a year. A year full of so much passion, determination, strength, tears, frustration and most of all, growth.

People won't always recognize your efforts and see how much work you put into something, but you keep moving forward. I had people tell me that I wasn't good enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, entertaining enough. I even had some people tell me that I didn't dress well and I would never be successful. Many no's and a handful of yes' I am.

1 year later. Working with brands. Inspiring individuals. Living my best life.

 Humble as ever, but very aware of my worth.

  • I've learned that people will stop supporting you, once they see you as a threat. Not a threat in the sense that you'll hurt them, but a threat in the way that you'll do better than them. That you'll no longer have to live in their shadows and they will no longer feel like they are better than you.
  • People will do everything in their power to keep you down, but ignore them. Keep doing you, keep moving forward.
  • Just because there are thousands of people doing something, doesn't mean you're not allowed try it for yourself. Individuals are constantly wanting to become Actors/Actresses, we don't stop them, now do we?
  • Some people just want to see you fail. It's that simple.
  • Some people will never truly acknowledge how well you're doing or if they like your content - it's a pride thing.
  • Stay true to who you are and do what you want with your content. It's yours anyway.
  • You are always evolving and changing, that's okay. Nobody is keeping track.
  • You'll always want to compare yourself. Either your followings or your lifestyle. Remember who you are and embrace what you have.
  • Some friends will say that they love your blog, but truly, they don't even share your posts or read them.
  • The moment you tell someone that you're a _______ blogger, they'll say something like..."oh, okay". That's the sound of doubt.

    But the great thing about being a blogger is that you'll make friendships, build relationships, inspire others, learn more about yourself, live and learn and most of all, you'll look good doing it.

At the end of the day, life isn't perfect. People won't always support you, your IG won't always be the best and some may secretly hate you. But to the ones that want to start a blog, do it! It'll be tough, but it's a whole lot of fun- many will doubt you and others will support you.

Just remember, that your purpose will never be understood by others.