6 Tips To Boost Productivity

Happy October almost November might as well say Merry Christmas, friends! 
School is ongoing and praise the Lord that I'm almost done. I am officially in my last semester of undergrad and wooo, I'm stoked. Either way, it's time to be more productive. Quite a few individuals have asked me how I've maintained my sanity and efforts, while being a full-time college student. Sometimes life gets a little tough, but I always find a way to get back up. So, I've rounded up my 6 ways to be more productive and I think they'll help you out!

Don’t be busy, just be productive.

1. Make a To-Do List
Write down everything that needs to be done. Even if that means eating, stretching, showering, reading, whatever it is. Now, this is the best part. Stick to the list! If it is not on your list, do not do it. My philosophy behind this is that if it was not important enough to be written down, then it probably was not a priority or a necessity. 


2. Understand your Priorities
This is the first "real" step to being more productive. You need to see where your time needs to be spent. Sometimes what we think is important, is not as important when compared to other tasks. I like to set my priorities based on deadlines. Whatever is due or needs to be accomplished the earliest, needs to be done first. Then, go from there. 


3. Get some rest
Y'all, I am the first one to argue about this. Get your 7 hours of sleep. ALL THE TIME. I know that some people function better with little to no sleep, but rest and rejuvenation is so healthy for the brain. The least you can do the night before a productive day is to sleep. Put the phone away, get off Instagram, no more Netflix episodes - go to bed. 


4. Use the Clock
I know this one sounds a little funny but hear me out. Imagine this. Someone challenges you to run 1 lap around a track in under 30 seconds. If you accomplish it, you will win 1 million dollars. Now, you are telling me that even if the only workout that you have had in 5 years is lifting a donut to your mouth, you are not going to run like wildfire?! Cause, I would! Putting a time constraint on each priority lets your tunnel vision kick into overdrive. You can only focus on one thing and one thing only. 


5. Check it off
Anybody else love the satisfaction of checking something off your list? I get that same feeling when I cut toxicity out of my life. (LOL, there was no shade intended. Just raw honesty.) But, really. I love knowing that something is accomplished! It is so rewarding to know that your efforts have been worthy, and your time was not wasted. 


6. Know when to stop
This is important. Burnout is real, and you need to listen to your body. When you know that you cannot go anymore, you need to give yourself a break. I am all for working hard, but when you have worked hard, and you know that you cannot go any further, relax. I know, you are probably thinking "but, I have so much to do?!", well, do you remember that priority list? This is when it is extremely useful. If by the end of the day, you have accomplished all your high-priority tasks, then you can rest. 

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