5 Quick Ways to Be More Confident and Take Charge of Your Life

I remember the days when I struggled with confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. I'm glad to say that today, I don't have those struggles and I hope this post helps you conquer them. Here are my 5 {quick} tips to gain more confidence:

1. Don't Compare Yourself
Seriously. Don't compare your body, your hair, your educational level, your salary...NOTHING to anyone else. Embrace who you are and bask in your own acceptance. Yes, you could more fit if you did those squats. Yes, you could have a better lifestyle if you didn't quit that job. But no- you can't compare yourself and think that you aren't supposed to be who God intended you to be.

2. Accept Your Flaws
I have breakouts. I have a crooked tooth. I have a short torso that makes it hard to wear jeans, but I have LIFE. I have a life that is full of the good, bad and ugly. I can breathe on my own, walk on my own and live the life that I have created for myself. Maybe you should accept what you have and be thankful for it, because it makes you different. It makes you...you.

3. Look Confident
This is so simple, yet people don't do it. If you want to be confident, look confident. Now, I don't mean arrogant and unapproachable- I mean, sharp, attentive and focused. Don't leave the house with a badly stained shirt. Don't walk out the door if your eyebrows look like Nike check marks (for real, stop that). If you want to be confident, then look like you own the place and like no one can knock you off your high horse. OWN IT and WORK IT.

4. Affirm Yourself
People hear this all the time, yet take it for granted. Tell yourself that you're handsome, fit, beautiful, skinny, intelligent, sexy, a box of chocolates...I don't care- JUST SAY IT and CLAIM IT! If you know who you are, then no one can knock you down. Seriously. If you can appreciate yourself, then no one can depreciate you!

5. Don't take BS or Malarkey or Crap from Anyone
This. This right here is KEY. If you are confident and you truly know yourself, you will never let anyone dull your sparkle or shut down your aspirations. You will command your happiness and on top of that, demand respect. Sometimes we'll give people room to slide and then everybody thinks they can Ice skate (thanks, Pinterest), but don't do it. If someone disrespects you, hurts you or attempts to make you feel less of yourself.... SHUT IT DOWN. Right then, Right there. Nobody has time for disrespect and you sure don't have time for negative energy.
You either let them walk next to you, behind you, but NEVER on you.

As always, strike your pose, keep it real and then keep it moving.