4 FREE Ways To Make Friends As An Adult

If there’s one thing they don’t teach you in college it’s how to make friends (properly). Or how to navigate adulthood after graduation, but that is another topic for another day. College will teach you how to make acquaintances that will go day drinking with you, when you want to avoid your paper or the acquaintances that are willing to bar hop with you, even though you have to wake up at 6am for work the next day.

But, nobody ever took the time to show us ways to make friends once you’ve graduated from college.

I may be speaking for myself here, but I realize that making friends as an adult is probably one of the most stressful things that I’ve to do. Asking “what’s your major” has now changed to “So, what do you do for a living?” You consistently have to step out of your comfort zone and find people that want to do life with you, because at this point in my life... I do not need someone to take shots with me. I need someone that is willing to help me shoot my shot when the going gets tough.

So today, I have compiled 4 ways that I have made friends as an adult. Not all suggestions may be for you, but definitely look into 1-2 options. Ultimately, this list should help take a step in the right direction.

Bumble BFF
Yes, Bumble isn’t just for dating! The app actually promotes meeting new people through dating, friendships and networking for my business boss babes. Bumble is amazing for finding friends. I call it online friending instead of online dating, lol. All you need to do is make a profile (yes, men can find male friends too) and then you swipe left or right and hopefully meet your match! You also have the option on there to list your relationship status or if you are looking for a roommate and not just a friend. You can also include activities you were hoping that you and your friend can get into it, such as going out, watching Netflix and more.

Here is what my Bumble BFF profile looks like:


MeetUp Group
This app is pretty cool if you have a diverse range of interests. I joined this app a couple years ago when I started to get into hiking. Where my climbers at yo? I was able to find local hiking groups around me, within my age range and with my relationship status. We were all able to bond and go hiking. For example, hikers that are single and under 30, there is a group for that. There are also groups for gamers, coders, travelers, writers, dancers, you name it. There are so many options if you are looking for a way meet a lot of people with your interest!

Click the image to sign up for MeetUp:

Facebook groups
Facebook groups are my secret hobby. I checked recently and as of now, I belong to over 30. Some of them related to business, Christianity, dating, Dallas adventures or whatever you may think of, but if you are needing friends, then join a Facebook group! There are so many groups for photographers in local cities, models, women just wanting to connect with other women and for people that don’t necessarily need a friend in person, but need someone to talk to you about a TV show or movie you just watched. Fun fact, I belong to eight Hallmark Channel Facebook groups and I am not ashamed of it.


FB groups

Facebook recommended some groups for me to join. Can you tell what my primary interests are? If you know me, then it’s not shocking at all!

Give someone a compliment

Raise your hand if the girl in the bathroom complimented and you felt like bff’s right after? #Guilty. If you are at the gym or out getting groceries and you see someone (this goes for same sex, not opposite) give someone a compliment. I became friends with a girl at the gym by telling her that her messy bun was always cute and that I liked her leggings. BAM. Now we are workout buddies. We aren’t besties, but anytime she’s at the gym, I have someone to laugh with. It’s great!

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.
— Leo Buscaglia

Most importantly I want you all to remember, the easy part is making the friend, but the hard part is keeping the friendship. You need to remember that people may not always see eye to eye or that sometimes your communication level is different than someone else’s. Be patient with yourself and with others.
Good luck out there and remember if none of these options work, you’ve got a friend in me. :)