4 Friends You Need to Return Before 2018

This post was actually completed December 30th, 2016, but I re-vamped it for 2018. 

God is here to bestow His grace upon you, shine His light within you and showcase His plans for you. 2018 is not a year for playing games – it is a year of happiness, faith and confidence!

Which is why we need to discuss your friendships – our friends are there for us, through thick and thin, high and low. Although, we have some good friends, we also have some bad ones. Honey, it is time to return them and get your money back. 

Let’s look at the 4 people to return (and get your money back) from your friends list:

Negative Nancy or Pessimistic Patty
This is the individual that constantly feels the need to suck the living life out of you.

No matter how happy you are, they want you to be sad with them. You know that friend that drags you down when you are excited over the smallest thing that brings you joy? Or the friend that gets an 89 on an exam and then gripes about how they aren’t going to get into Law school or become a world-famous Doctor because they didn’t get an A?

Oh yes, that person… they need to go. Negativity is contagious and that is one thing you don’t want to catch.

Flaky Frank or Erratic Erin
This is the person that plans an event, gets you hype about it, tells you that they got a new outfit for the event and then bails on you, at the last minute. 

Not only do they reluctantly apologize after their flakey behavior, but then they plan another event and bail on you, AGAIN! My all-time favorite move is when they text you and make plans with you and when the time arrives, they have magically fallen into the core of the Earth, traveled to space or my personal favorite…fell asleep for 24 hours.

Now remember, we are human and every now and then we must cancel our plans, but when it becomes habitual, you must cut them off. And if you don’t feel like cutting them off, then do this:

“Oh I never got that text. You know ____*insert phone carrier*_____ is always acting up.


Bragging Brandy or One-upper Oscar
This is the friend that feels the need to outshine you, no matter what.

I know everybody knows one person like this. For example, you say that you taught your new dog how to roll over and they’ll say…

“Well, I had a pet Lion named Roger and he spoke Spanish”.

This is when you hit them with that “wait, huh” face.

Maybe they’ll even do something as simple as slick as asking you about your day or your grade on a quiz.

“So, *insert name here*, what did you get on that Biology quiz?”
“Oh, I got a 92.” (In your mind, the conversation is now over)
“A 92…nice! Where’d your other 8 points go? Oh, I know where, straight to my 100.”

This person right here, my friend, tell em’ bye.

Good for me Gina or Tag-a-long Theodore
This is the friend that is only there for you, when it’s good (or convenient) for them. 

I believe that if you have a friend like this, they need to go first. They are not worthy of being your friend and they do not deserve your time and effort. You know that person that magically disappears when you’re having a rough time in life, but oh-so-nicely reappears when you have something to offer?

Yeah them, they NEED to GO…like yesterday.

You can be having the worst day of your life and they won’t even make the effort to reach out to you. They can also be mistaken as the sometimey- friend; they want to be your friend sometimes, but not always.

This person too, slide them over to the return section.

Let me tell you one thing: People will come into your life that will make you laugh, smile, cry and fall in love.

Keep the ones that make you laugh uncontrollably, the ones that make you cry because you’re laughing too hard and the ones that make you forget how tough life can be because you love it too much.

You are way too valued (Your Worth Blog Posts here) and you are way too important to be taken for granted. People will come in and out of your life, unfortunately, it’s natural and if you need more help on that, let me know and I'll do a post on it. 

The Lord has outlined a beautiful plan for you, although you may encounter a few difficult friendships, remember this:

Everyone wants to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down
— Oprah Winfrey

What kind of friends will you be returning before 2018? 
Make sure to get your money's worth! 
Let me know in the comments!