I am 21 years old, Never Had a Boyfriend and I LOVE IT

I don’t want no scrub
A scrub is a guy who can’t get no love from me...
— Scrubs by TLC

I'm thankful that God gave me a heart that yearns more for him, than for any man out there. 
I'm thankful that my mind isn't creating lustful images, but instead creating beautiful depictions of his glory. 
I'm thankful that I never had to ask God, "what are we?" because he already told me that I was his Princess. 
I'm thankful that God gave me this time to accomplish my goals, reach for my dreams and build lasting friendships. 
I'm thankful for the fact that in these 21 years, I haven't had to experience heartbreak. 

I haven't had to experience waiting on a "Hey" text message. 
I haven't had to deal with a guy not giving me a label. 
I haven't been played. 
I haven't been cheated on, lied to or manipulated. 
I'm one of the lucky ones. 
It's because I'm waiting. 
I'm waiting for the man that will not only love me, but honor me. 

That will pray for me, when I can't pray for myself.
That will fall to his knees and cry with me, when I feel like I've lost all hope. 
That will do life with me, through the good, bad and the ugly. 
That will love God, more than he loves me. 
That will understand that I like to watch Hallmark Christmas movies in October. 
That will understand that I will only eat 3 kinds of cookies in the world. 
That will understand that I enjoy dancing horribly in public, just so people can find joy out of my silliness. Or so many of my other weird quirks.

I can wait. You can too.

Society will tell you that you need to have #relationshipgoals and the only relationship goal you need to care about, is the one between you and God. I know it may be hard to see all your friends in happy relationships and you can't help but think, when is it my turn? But, I promise you, your time will come. God hasn't forgotten about you.

For now, say no to the boys that make you question your morals. No to the boys that don't respect your values. No to the boys that say they're "spiritual", rather than "religious", but forget that there are GOOD and BAD spirits. *cue eye roll* Say no to what God doesn't approve of and one day, you'll be able to say "Yes".

So, ladies, I beg of you. Trust him. Enjoy being single. Bask in that waiting time and become the best version of yourself. Accomplish your goals. Make a bucket list. Follow your dreams. Shoot for the moon. Conquer your fears. Live your life. Soak in his glory. Worship at the altar. Fall on your knees and pray. Call upon his name. Shine your light. Cast your burdens. Be Faithful. Live your life. Treat yo' self. 

Don’t worry about when your boyfriend/fiancé/husband will come - when the Man you need right now is already riding on a White Horse. 
— Eripitan Osagie-Sule

*And if this is just too hard for you, sing Scrubs by TLC
P.S. Nobody is perfect so I'm not expecting everyone to agree with me :)

Stay Faithful x Stay Humble x Stay Spicy