20 Reminders for 20-Something Year Old's in 2018


Let's be real. Your 20s is supposed to be the age where you are living your best life, having fun, and being a real adult.

How many of us can say that we're doing that?

I know that I can partially agree, but I definitely haven't been living life to the fullest. As an early-twenty something year old, I decided to round up some aspects that I have learned thus far. Some you may agree with others you may turn your nose towards, but overall, they have played their role.

*Some of these reminders are famous quotes or sayings. Overall, the thoughts are still my own. 

A brief history of my 20’s: lost, found, lost, found, lost, found, lost, found, lost, found, lost, found
— BG Blank

You don’t have to be seen to be anointed.

Sometimes people don’t leave your life, God moves them.

Maturity is knowing you could violate someone with your words, but you don’t.

Chasing love will leave you unfocused and broken.

Any friend that suddenly turns into an enemy secretly hated you from Day 1.

Never argue with people that can’t see the wrong in themselves, because they will never see the right in you.

Some people will think your too much of this and that, but the ones that love you, will like you for you.

Life is too short to wait for anyone to act properly.

Trust the signs from early on.

Stop letting people treat you like you’re regular.

Become unavailable to those that treated you as if you were option.

If plan A doesn’t work, you better have plan B, C, D, E, F…

You can change yourself, whenever you want to.

You are not your possessions, degrees or your your job.

Stop rushing. Enjoy the little things.

If you apologize when you’re in the wrong, life moves on a lot faster.

Practice doesn’t make perfect, but it’ll get you pretty close.

A lot of times, it’s not what you know, but who know.

There are no failures, just learned lessons.

  The world owes you nothing. Work for what you want. The world isn’t going to hand it to you.

So, how are you going to face your 20s? Will you use any of these reminders and apply them to your life? Let me know which ones were your favorite!