Don't Do These Things If You Want To Be The Best YOU

How well do you know yourself?

Internal self-examination is probably one of the best things that we as individuals can do, to better ourselves and our relationships. Not only does internal self-examination free our mind of clutter, it gives us the ability to dig deep into our souls and seek what makes us special. 

Do you know what makes you special? Do you think you're special? 

Honestly, you may not think you're special, but our Lord and Savior does. He believes that you are "more precious than rubies" and more valuable than anything in the world. He died for your sins because he KNOWS that you are MORE THAN special. You are more than handsome, more than beautiful, more than courageous and whatever other attributes that make you, you!

Is not believing that you're special what's holding you back?

Because you are precious in my eyes, and honored, and I love you, I give men in return for you, peoples in exchange for your life.
— Isaiah 43:4

If you think that you're holding yourself back from being the best of the best, then this list is for you. Maybe you think you've reached your best self and you just want to double-check? -- go right ahead. (Warning: This list is all based off of opinion)

Regardless, this list is going to change the way you view your life, friendships, relationships, peers, and so much more. Are you ready?

How to become the BEST version of yourself;
1. Don't feel sorry for yourself.
2. Don't become complacent, in anything.
3. Don't doubt your capabilities.
4. Don't be afraid to be alone.
5. Don't be afraid to put yourself first.
6. Don't spend time thinking of the past.
7. Don't let people talk down on you.
8. Don't try to become perfect.
9. Don't have negative influences in your life.
10. Don't waste time complaining, just pray.
11. Don't let people make you upset.
12. Don't cry over people that wouldn't shed a tear for you.
13. Don't forget to smile.
14. Don't worry about things that are out of your control.
15. Don't question your life! God didn't question yours.

Do you like what you read? Do you think this list will help you? Have you already been doing these things? Let me know down in the comments!