Formulate FULL Review

A few weeks ago I received an email asking if I’d like to test out Formulate’s customized shampoo and conditioner.
Read below to hear ALL about my journey and advice for you, too!


My hair struggles and goals
I have always had 4B/4C hair. If you don’t know what that means, it’s just my hair type, but essentially says that I have very tight curls and my hair requires a lot of water. Honestly, doing my hair or even washing it, is a pain and causes me a lot of stress. So, when Formulate reached out to me to try their new products I was stoked to get something customized. I thought of my hair goals and this is what I settled on: I want looser and bouncier curls, hydrated and more manageable hair.


The survey process

The survey was easy and took me less than 10 minutes. I answered a couple of questions relating to my hair, such as length, texture, and density. Then, the questions went on to ask for my zip code (used to determine weather and how they’ll alter the products to accommodate your hair) and lastly, my hair goals. Less than 10 minutes and you’re good to go!


I loved the formulate bottles! This will sound silly, but I love that they come with a lid and then you have the option to add the pump nozzle to it. The bottle withstood my clumsiness and never dented, punctured, or bent. The nozzles were efficient and most of all, they pushed out a good amount of product for my hair needs.


Experience with the product
I really enjoyed the Formulate products. I selected an orange scent I will say that the process form the very beginning, including the survey to my first wash, everything was easy. My products lacked in lather ability slightly, but the Formulate team was quick to communicate with me to handle the issue. The only reason that I mention the lather issue is that, if the product doesn’t lather enough, generally you’ll have to use more and that can be a pain, but like I said… the Formulate team helped me out with that problem.


Dry and brittle
Difficult to comb through

Dry, once a week, at most
Manageable immediately after washing, but still requires detangling
Feels and smells great, all week!

*** I will note: Being african-american, results are hard to see in pictures, but I can notice a change when I manage my hair.


Recommendations for your audience
Trust the process and be patient. My hair results were not the greatest, but they weren’t bad. I feel like I could have had better results if I used the products more than once a week. I use other products to moisturize, but I only wash my hair once a week and deep condition twice, to prevent breakage. So, if I were you, use the products, take your time, and be patient with the process!

Feedback for Formulate
Thanks Formulate for giving me the chance to test out your products and for giving my hair some hope. As I know this natural hair journey will not get easier, I promise to remain patient and continually use your products. These products were great, and I can’t wait to see where you guys end up in 10 years!


Thank you to Formulate Co and all of my wonderful readers for partaking with me on this journey! I am excited to see what adventures we have next.
With love,
Eripitan of WearFaithEssence