JORD Watches

Happy Holidays, everyone!

This year has been full of, so much excitement and I have been blessed with so many opportunities, especially this current one! I have teamed up with JORD Watches to show off my new women's watch, Frankie 35 Champagne watch.

JORD watch.png

It is incredibly light, stunning and classy for any outfit. I love how secure it is, when I clasp it and I usually forget that I’m wearing it, because it is so light! Also, this wood watch looks so elegant, no matter what outfit you are wearing. I also enjoy the “slim-fit” design style that makes my wrist look slimming. Sometimes watches make my wrist look bigger than they are, but I do not have that issue with my JORD watch.


JORD watches makes hand crafted wood watches, that display a beautiful finish. Seriously.
My watch glistens in the light and the champagne color finish is stunning.
My watch is made of Zebrawood and champagne – how fancy does that sound?!


Another aspect of the JORD watch that I love is the packaging. I love that I received my watch in this adorable, wooden box that is protected from any factors.
Sometimes when I receive packages in the mail, they are damaged or destroyed.
So, I was happy to see that my watch arrived in perfect condition.



Styled here with my favorite holiday scarf is my JORD watch.
Don’t you see how easily it stands out, amid all the bright colors from scarf?
I love that my black sweater also gives it a reason to sort of “pop” out for the rest of my outfit. It is the center of attention, especially for Christmas!


The link to the men's shop: CLICK HERE
The link to the women's shop: CLICK HERE
The link to my watch: CLICK HERE
The link the main site: CLICK HERE
To receive 25% off your own watch, use the link here: CLICK HERE

Did you enjoy this post? Are you going to go out and buy this watch, before Christmas?
Let me know down in the comments!