Piko-boo, I see you! 2 Ways to Style Your Piko Top

Green Booties (limited sizes availible)

Hello beautiful friends!
I feel like it's been forever since I've done a Fashion post featuring my favorite Oklahoma boutique! Lucky for you, I still had one more item in my bag of goodies, just waiting to make an arrival! 

Lush Fashion Lounge is known and when I say known, I truly mean that EVERYONE in Oklahoma knows them. From OKC Thunder Fashion to Game-day to a Girls Night Out... you can get any outfit you want, at an amazing price, from Lush! 

Today, I've styled their legendary "Piko" top that comes in a variety of colors. And might I mention, it comes in tank, t-shirt, long sleeve, dress AND sweater form?! These Pikos are SO comfy and they hold their shape when you wash them, too. Also, they're only $25! 

Yes. $25. 

I know someone out there is thinking, $25 is a lot for a top, but that's not true! This top is so incredibly versatile that when I shot outfit photos for this post, I didn't know which ones to choose from! So much versatility, comfort and fitting style, wrapped into one.
To note, I'm wearing a Medium, but I should have listened to the fashion expert (aka, the fitting room clerk) that a Small would have worked out just fine.
So, if you purchase this, I suggest sizing down, because of it's stretch!
You don't have to, but again, a suggestion :)

Scroll through down below to see the way I styled 2 of my outfits! Enjoy!

plaid scarf outfit

Other Piko Top options

If you're ever in Oklahoma and you would love to visit the Lush Fashion Lounge store, you can click the link below on the map!