Oversized Sweathers and Over the Knee Boots

As you all know, I currently have a collaboration with Lush Fashion Lounge here in OKC! I have been enjoying all outfits and I can't wait to show you more ways to style all my items. 

Lucky for you, I am talking about sweaters, sweaters and more sweaters! Here in Oklahoma, the Fall temps arrived drastically and abruptly. It's been like 40 degrees in the morning and I absolutely love it! This time of the year is perfect for slouchy sweaters, chunky cardigans and Fall styles to last you a lifetime.


As you all can see, my sweater says Oklahoma. (My Texas readers, please stay calm) I am a temporary Okie with a love for Fashion and I had to get it! It is SO soft and I love the oversized feel. I paired it with shorts, because when I was shooting this outfit...it was 85 degrees.
Sooner rather than later, I'll style it with a bit more of a fall feel. 


The thing I love about Lush's sweaters is that they are always incredibly soft and figure flattering. I am woman with God-given hips and sometimes sweaters look horrible on me, because of the way they fall on my body. That's not a problem at Lush, because everything you find fits you wonderfully and their size range is TTS (true to size). 

Now, I know some of you are thinking..."Why would I buy an Oklahoma sweater?"
Well, first off *eye roll*, Oklahoma ain't that bad, haha.
Secondly, they have other sweaters!
Oversized, chunky, cut-out, distressed, OKC thunder, OU, UCO, and OSU! 
I'm attaching some images below!
And they have cute boots, like the ones I'm wearing with this sweater!

So, honey, you've got options. Plus, there shipping is crazy fast- I would know :)


So in this outfit, I paired my Oklahoma sweater, LINKED HERE (S/M size) with some leather shorts and my Lush Fashion Lounge over the knee boots, ALSO LINKED HERE.  (Random fact: these boots stay up SO well, especially with tape and thick socks)
I don't know why these boots bring me so much attention, but Y'ALL, get these if you are trying to break some necks. *I do not encourage the breaking of necks. Only the confidence to do so, while looking fabulous* I got so many compliments on them, from Men and Women. They are about 3.25 inches with a comfortable block heel, so no baby calf walking ;)

Click each image for the LINK

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Thanks so much for tuning into another post on WearFaithEssence.com! I hope you all enjoyed and I'll be back soon with some more Fashion, Faith and Motivation! xoxo