Made in His Image Tee


Happy November, my loves! 
Sorry I've been M.I.A. but you know... #life. 

I've teamed up with another Christian store to bring you some beautiful "faithfull" attire!
Faithfull Queens is a brand dedicated to my royal, bold and beautiful Christian Fashionista's that love to dress effortlessly, but modestly. Their products truly embody the love of Christ and I feel so loved when I am wearing. I also enjoy the fact that when I'm wearing this shirt, other people receive a little bit of Christ, too. 

I absolutely love my t-shirt and how comfy it is! I'm wearing a Large, because I like a little bit of stretch in my clothing. For this outfit, I've styled it with a navy blue velvet midi skirt. I actually purchased this skirt a few years ago, so I'll be sure to link some similar ones, at the bottom. Along with some of the other products from the Faithfull Queens store :)

I'm also going to provide you with some midi-skirt tips, because I know, as a curvy woman, I want to look HOT, but Modest! 

Skirt (similar)
Heels (on sale for less than $25) 

Pencil Skirt Tips
1. If you're curvy, you can wear pencil skirts, but they need to be long. I was also told when growing up, to avoid making the brother's in Christ stumble! You can be sexy, but keep it classy. 

2. Stretchy is your friend. Especially when paired with a comfy t-shirt like mine. Usually stretchy skirts will keep you sucked in, polished and they'll give you a reason to have good posture, because they'll be tight.

3. When wearing a t-shirt with a pencil skirt, ALWAYS tuck it in! This provides you with curves, a snatched waistline and a figure! 

4. Ever feel too revelaing in a pencil skirt? Throw a blazer over your outfit to add in some "class". 

5. High waisted is key!! The higher the waist, the smaller your waistline will look and the longer your leags will appear. 

Once again, thank you so much for checking out another Fashion post. I appreciate the support, love and courage that you all give me! 
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through my email or fill out a form on my site.