Kimono Over, Kimono Over Baby

Kimono's are my favorite cover up essential for the Summer and you can style them effectively in the Fall, as well. They are so effortless and they add a sense of elegance to every outfit. A plus is that they can be worn at the beach, during the day and at night for a more polished look.

Here are my 3 style tips for wearing Kimono's:
1. Keep the rest of the outfit simple - avoid anything under the kimono that is distracting.
2. Make sure everything else is tight-fitted! This is a MUST. Kimono's are already free-flowing and can make you look wide. Wear fitted clothing to avoid the wide look.
3. Lastly, wear it with jeans, shorts or whatever makes you feel beautiful. There are no rules, besides be YOU and feel confident!

Beach Kimono Outfit

Beach, Please

- Great for a beach cover-up
- Light weight
- Makes you look classy and polished
- Not too hot or overbearing of outfit

Kimono- click here
Bodysuit- click here
Shorts- click here
Sandals- click here
Bag- click here

Day Look Kimono

Day Look at You

- Great for a casual day
- Perfect for restaurants that are chilly, but it's hot outside
- Florals keep it fun and seasonal
- Wear a light/plain top to not distract the kimono

Kimono- click here
Top- click here
Shorts- click here
Flats- click here
Bag- click here

Night Kimono

Night Life

- Perfect for an outfit that is too short and you want to hide the extra skin
- Adds a pop of color to any outfit that is monochrome
- Can take you from a nice outfit to a hotter outfit
- Makes you look sophisticated and vibrant

Kimono- click here
Romper/Jumpsuit- click here
Purse- click here
Shoes- click here

Which outfit is your favorite? Which would you consider wearing?
Let me know and ask me any questions you may have!

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