Give Em' the Cold Shoulder


This season I am in love with cold-shoulder tops- they pair so well with shorts, jeans and skirts.
They come in a variety of colors and textures, plus they're usually free-flowing!

So, yes, I wear these when I'm bloated (T.M.I. oopsies), going to be eating a lot (hides the food belly) and for warm temperatures when you don't want to feel sticky.

Check out my outfit directly below!

My top and jeans are from Ross, so I could only provide similar styles for the them. Let me know in the comments, if you need some options for jeans and I will surely help you out.

My purse is from Charming Charlie's and was purchased on sale, therefore I'm sure they don't sell it anymore (I provided 2 extremely similar purses though), but my shoes are in stock and ready to be purchased! :)

S I M I L A R - S T Y L E

Black Purse- $25
Brown Purse- $43

Did you like this post? Have more questions about my outfit? Need shopping tips? Like or hate this top (hopefully, like)...LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS!