And All the Free People Said Amen Outfit, like...don't hate me.

That awkward moment when your whole outfit is completely sold out the day before you post it. *throws laptop across the room*
That's okay though, I'm tagging the where I got my whole outfit from, just for you to see.

I will be honest, my dress (that I'm wearing as a top) was $168.

Now now now, before you freak out, I didn't pay that much. I never would, but you can check out your options on the site, directly below the images.
Also, I put a gallery of my shoes, leggings and some Free People printed dresses (the same designer as my own, just for ease.

Before I let you go, I just wanted to give you a few tips about printed dresses and booties:
- They can be dressed up or down - so heels, flats or booties, whatever works
- They come in a variety of colors, meaning it's versatile for any season
- You can wear them as a top or a dress- throw some leggings, jeggings or jeans underneath and you're good to go!
- When it comes to booties, I always wear ankle socks, unless I'm going for the peek-a-boo affect, like this previous outfit
- Put insoles in your booties or any of your shoes for comfort and extra protection

Dress (worn as a Top) style can be found Here
Leggings can be found HERE (more than 50% off)
Booties or similar can be found HERE (50% off and in 3 colors)

Did you like this post, even though it was a bit more expensive? Do you want more like this?
Let me know down in the comments!