University of Central Oklahoma Homecoming Outfit Inspiration featuring Lush Fashion Lounge


Tomorrow is Homecoming for my school, the University of Central Oklahoma and I am so excited! I have been avoiding wearing my cute top from Lush, just so that I could save it for this weekend!

As you all know, I absolutely love Lush and all of their products, which is why I figured...why not get my staple outfit piece for Homecoming, from them?! They are known for providing staple pieces that not only stand out, but also pull your outfit together. I've designed 5 outfits, including their adorable piko top, that I believe would look fabulous on anybody and here's a short "description" about each one:

Outfit 1- Sassy but Cute
Outfit 2- Fall Ready
Outfit 3- Comfy and Casual
Outfit 4- Wrap me Up
Outfit 5- You can't tie me down

P.S. Lush has SOOOO many cute tops, tees and blouses that you could swap out my top and these outfits would still work :)


Outfit 1:
Lush UCO top: click HERE // Jeans: similar HERE // Boots: click HERE // Black Denim Jacket: similar HERE //

Outfit 2: Lush UCO top: click HERE // Jeans: similar HERE // Booties: similar HERE // Cardigan: similar HERE //

Outfit 3: Lush UCO top: click HERE // Ripped Jeans: similar HERE // Converse: click HERE // Lush UCO hat: click HERE //

Outfit 4: Lush UCO top: click HERE // Black Jeggings: similar HERE // Lush Blanket Scarf: click HERE // Black Moccasins: similar HERE // Choker: similar HERE //

Outfit 5: Lush UCO top: click HERE // Denim skirt: similar HERE // Lace-up sandals: similar HERE (a little pricier) //

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Stay Faithful x Stay Humble x Stay Spicy