5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day Without A Significant Other

Colorful array of Valentine’s Day Sweet Hearts Candy

Colorful array of Valentine’s Day Sweet Hearts Candy


….Well, almost! This holiday is either one of your favorites or one that makes you hate people. I have slowly grown away from the latter and made my way onto the more favorable side! Honestly, I used to hate Valentine’s Day because of the mushy-gushy balloons, overpriced candy and flowers, and most of all, the fact that I was single. Now that I’ve learned to love myself even more than I thought I did before (keyword: thought), I am able to see this holiday in a positive light.

So, if you are a single little pringle like me and you need some ideas to get you through the holiday and the post-holiday candy sales, keep on reading!

What to do BEFORE Valentine’s Day (Any day before February 14th):
Acknowledge your Singleness.
Wait, what?! On a day that you are wanting to forget that you ARE NOT in a relationship, I need you to acknowledge that you are by yourself… and you are OKAY. So, say it with me: I am single, but I am not unworthy. I am single, but I am still deserving of love. I am single, but I am not defined by my relationship status.

Now that we’ve done that, let’s get into the fun stuff!

Single Rose

Single Rose

What to do DURING/FOR Valentine’s Day (Thursday, February 14th):
1. Go out to eat for brunch, lunch or dinner, the weekend before/after by yourself or with your friends.
Sometimes, the best thing about being single is the other singles you get to meet. Use this time to enjoy your own company or hang out with friends that enjoy your presence. Regardless, surround yourself with positivity.

2. Watch a BUNCH of Romantic Comedies
I am a sucker for a good Rom-Com, I mean, who can object to them? They’re full of sappy, feel-good love, and they give you faith. Faith to know that one day, at some point in time, someone can love you the way Matthew Mcconaughey loves Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. They let you know that “yeah, it may be hard for me now”, but clearly there’s some hope out there.

3. Cook Yourself a Healthy, New Meal
One of the reasons that I loved living alone was the fact that I could try new recipes, every single week and if I disliked it, I could complain to myself. So, why not use Valentine’s Day as a chance to try something new and live on the edge? I generally use Pinterest to find recipes, but as of late, I am a huge fan of Skinny Taste. She has so many recipes and you can cater them to your dietary needs.

Various Pieces of Toast

Various Pieces of Toast

4. Treat Yourself to A Special Gift
Is there a special something, not someone (laughs) that you would like to have? Maybe there’s a pair of shoes that you have walked past every week, for the past month? Or maybe there’s an outfit you want? Let us take it one step further, what about a vacation? A Valentine’s vacation sounds nice and relaxing, so maybe you should look into that! Heck, I probably will too… if my bank account is set up, properly.


5. Dive Into Self-Care and Focus on The People That Love You
As you all know, self-care is a new trend this season. Everybody is wanting to better themselves and feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally. I am all for it, as long as we know where to start. I have a blog post written HERE discussing some of my favorite self-care tactics. Take a look at them and find something you like.

Another alternative to celebrating alone is to surround yourself with the ones that make you feel loved. Celebrate with the ones that put a smile on your face, when you are having a bad day. You may not be in a relationship, but you are still allowed to celebrate the day.

For fun, I’ve linked a couple of Valentine’s day dresses for my girls that need a head-turner while they’re out!