The Best Time To Wear Striped Pants

Happy Monday, my loves!
I’m sorry that I have not been the best at this blogging thing and I’m equally struggling to update y’all on Instagram! I’m attempting to balance a lot right now and unfortunately, social media has to take a hit, but I’m doing my best. If I am completely honest, I do this all by myself. Pictures, posts, videos, everything and it can be incredible draining. I’m doing my best to not become frustrated, but that’s the way to cookie is crumbling right now.

Now, enough of sad talk… keep on scrolling for some style tips! I did my best to find an affordbale pair of pants that are oh so flattering and comfortable!

I absolutely love these striped pants from Boohoo. (**Mine are a tall and I linked the similar style in Petite) They are lightweight, simple, classy and incredibly versatile! The moment I purchased them, I was desperate to find pieces that would coincide with the pants, so, I’ll show you 3 ways to style them from head to toe, at the end of this post.

Here, I’ve got it styled 1 way, but if you keep following me on Instagram, you’ll see how I style these pants more than 3 times! (To follow me on Instagram, click here!) The reason I love a good pair of wide leg pants is because, like I said earlier, versatility is key, especially if you live a busy lifestyle. I call these my 9-to-5 happy hour pants. I can wear them at my 9 to 5 job, but I can also wear them straight happy hour after work and still look chic, while holding a Margarita, lol.

Also, these pants are great to transition into the spring and summer. Since they are lightweight, you can wear them all day without overheating. As a Texan, this is a big deal, so I am very particular with the items I purchase. I don’t know about you, but I hate sweating and the last thing I need is for an outfit to be ruined by some perspiration.

Scroll down below to view the 3 looks featuring my striped pants!