To me, clothing is form of self-expression – There are hints about who you are in what you wear.
— Marc Jacobs

Hey hey hey!

This right here is a special edition blog post featuring Men and Women’s BACK TO SCHOOL FASHION! I know for some College Students, school has already begun, so feel free to incorporate these styles into your closet space.

As for the others, I’ve created a few polyvore sets that I think will fit wonderfully into your style. They range from casual, to dressy, with a hint of preppy (in the most positive way possible) and most of all, fashion-forward. I’ve also linked the outfits to their respective stores, so if you feel like shopping, BAM!

*Also, if you like the backpack I will personally be using (it’s Kenneth Cole), then click the image or right here and it’ll take you to a link with the backpack on sale for $25! It’s originally $100! (steal!)

First up...Men's Fashion

Men's Outfit Details (click for a link):

Outfit 1: Button-up, Chinos, Sperry's, Ray-Bans
Outfit 2: T-shirt, Jeans, Nike's, Vans
Outfit 3: T-shirt, Shorts, New Balance's, Adidas, Watch
Outfit 4: Tank, Khaki Shorts, Converse


Next up... Women's Back to School Outfit Options

Did you like these outfit options? Which one is your favorite for Male and/or Female?
Let me know down in the comments!

Have a great school year!