Why Don't You Own a Duster Cardigan Yet?!

It's the most frustrating time of the yeeaaarrr ---


If you're from the South or if you live in the South, you and I both know that the temperature doesn't drop until like...late November. BUMMER.

Which means we can still wear our flowy tank tops, blouses, and t-shirts, but we still have to layer every now and then. This calls for CARDIGANS! We have the short cardigans, business casual cardigans, knee-length cardigans, lace cardigans, lay on the couch cardigans, and my favorite... the duster cardigans.

Duster cardigans are cardigans that hit between the knees and your ankles and they are beautiful! These cardigans are show-stoppers, head-turners and most of all, outfit poppers! Yes, outfit poppers! Duster cardigans are great from taking a Level 5 outfit....to a Level 12!

Duster details:  Black (HERE) // Taupe (HERE) // Green (HERE)

Keep reading below for tips on how to style them; they're a little daring, but once you take that leap of faith...you'll love them :)

Tips on wearing Duster Cardigans:
. Keep it simple underneath -- meaning no bulky outfits allowed
. No distracting pieces (nothing that clashes with your duster)
. Nothing that takes away from your figure.
4. Balance your cardigan out with thigh-high boots or riding boots
(like the ones I have styled HERE)
5. Use it to make a summer dress, perfect for the cold
6. For those warmer days, wear it with shorts
7. Wear a bright colored duster for a POP to your outfit

SEE BELOW TO SEE HOW I STYLED MY DUSTER CARDIGAN (Total outfit cost: under $100)

Outfit details linked below:
Duster Cardigan
(exact one I have): Found HERE // Chambray Top (similar to mine): Found HERE // Black Jeans (similar to mine): Found HERE // Cognac Booties (similar to mine): Found HERE // Choker Necklace (not too similar to mine, but super cute): Found HERE //

Do you like my outfit? Are you going to try duster cardigans this season? Need more Fall fashion tips? Please let me know down in the comments!