Is Modest truly Hottest?

proverbs 31

Well, in fact, yes, it is! I believe that a big problem many young adults and/or teens face in this day and age is modesty. The so-called Webster definition of Modesty is unassuming or moderate in the estimation of one's abilities or achievements”.

I’m not talking about that kind of Modesty, but the one that relates to Fashion.

Modesty is all about the heart. Modesty is about displaying the things that you love about yourself, with the right intentions in mind. It’s alright if you want to look “sexy” for your Husband, but it begins to get questionable when you want to be sexy at the Club…so that guys can hit on you.

C’mon ladies, let’s be real—we’ve all done it once or twice. You throw on that tight little dress, sky high heels and go a bit heavy-handed on the smokey eye, just to get a few head turns! But, you don’t need to do that anymore! It’s one thing to feel sexy in an outfit that covers most of your body and another thing to feel sexy, because you’re wearing a crop top and daisy dukes.

Remember, this is a judgment free zone, but I just want everyone to realize that how you dress is a direct correlation of what’s in your heart. If you’re dressing a bit more revealing, leaving nothing to imagination…maybe you want to evaluate who you are, in your heart. If you’re dressing mostly covered yet still look sexy, you’re displaying yourself with respect and respecting your future Husband. Dressing yourself in nice clothing is not wrong, but dressing in nice clothing with the mentality of lust behind it…now that’s a problem. Modesty is saying I love the Lord SO much, that I don't need to show off my body for anybody, I will ONLY show off my heart, for the goodness of his name.

Please ladies; let us have a pure heart with a pure mind in the way we dress. Let our love for the Lord display in our true beauty and grace, rather than our fashion sense. Go out there and showcase who you are on the inside and not the outside. Show off some, but don’t expose it all! We can’t have guys out here stumbling, because of you!  Just in case you need some visual aspects, here are a few outfit options to try out!  I have personally worn most of them and I still feel modest, yet hot! The clothing may appear to look "tight", but you've got to remember that you're still covered up with little to nothing being show off.

Last thing to think about...

What you wear is your billboard. So, what are you advertising? - Unknown

Night Out/Dinner outfit

Top- $11 ( Heels- $29 ( Skirt- $12 ( Earrings- $46 ( Blazer- $59 (

modest 1
modest 1

Casual day Out outfit

Top- $8.90 ( Shorts- $40 ( Shoes (Vans)- $70 ( Choker set- $6.99 (

modest 3
modest 3

I am not promoting these stores, but I have shopped at all of them, so I enjoy their outfit styles. You could easily find this at your local Mall, as well. Enjoy!