Drugstore Makeup- My Top 10 FAVES

drugstore makeup

If you're anything like me, you're all about saving money and splurging when necessary! I love makeup and I absolutely love being able to find products that work for my skin (oily and acne prone) and that don't break the bank (nothing over $15)! Keep reading if you're interested in knowing the products!

  1. Neutrogena Primer- Great for Normal to Oily skin, goes on Matte and leave your skin feeling ready for makeup! ($12.99)
  2. ELF Translucent Powder- This stuff is great for a quick touch up and works amazingly well under foundation. Not too much though, because if you're taking a picture and you have a lot on...the flash will capture the white! ($6)
  3. Wet N' Wild Eyeliner- I got it at Dollar Tree, absolutely love it. Goes on easily and last all day. No smudge! ($1 at Dollar Tree and $5 at Walmart)
  4. Maybelline Go Colossal Mascara- Great for the wide eye eyelashes look, almost waterproof (haven't tested it out), makes the eyes POP! ($13)
  5. LA Pro Girl Concealer- MY HOLY GRAIL. This stuff is a God send. The color corrector (orange, green and yellow) are AMAZING. This stuff hides your flaws at such a great value, it's scary. Green gets rid of redness, Yellow hides dark under eye  circles or purple tones and Orange hides dark spots, such as acne scars. Also, it works well for contouring! ($2.99 or 3-pack for $8 on Amazon)
  6. Loreal True Match Powder Foundation- I use the color N8; this powder does the trick for blending and setting your liquid foundation. Looks exactly like my skin complexion and feels weightless. ($7)
  7. Loreal True Match Liquid Foundation- Works well with the powder foundation and also feels lightweight. I have oily skin so this does wipe off a bit, so make sure to use a good primer or constantly blot or re-apply powder throughout the day. ( $7)
  8. NYX Lipstick Matte- This stuff is my baby. Lightweight fluffy brush to gently apply lipstick and my favorite shade is Transylvania. Dark, yet sweet and spicy! Stays on for hours and feels like I have nothing on my lips! ($6)
  9. NYX Setting Spray- Works well to set makeup or spray on your face when getting shiny, for my oily skin peeps. Dries on matte and leaves a nice finish! ($7)
  10. NYX Natural Color Eyeshadow Palette- Colors are great for a Smokey eye and adds great definition! A must for an all-natural look! ($15)

These are some of my own favorite products that I personally use on a daily basis. This stuff may not work for you, but give it a go, if you need a few new products! Total cost of all the products: $78-87 total!!!

Feel free to leave questions, comments and concerns!